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In 2012 Rob Cummings re-launched his own brand, ESSENTUALE
, world's best and finest shampoo, conditioner, face and body wash - ever. An ideal gift for him, her, them, you!

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Branding Development Trademarks Writing Internet Packaging Promotion Video/TV Display

We help develop smart business and naming strategies with you - entirely online.

While we do many things, Rob Cummings' primary focus is on safe and smart naming and logo and packaging design to avoid trademark problems. Rob became so busy with trademark problems and naming that Tom now does Rob's packaging design.

Rob is a business naming consultant that helps create and assess brand, company, product and service names with high-level naming advice and recommendations based on avoiding naming pitfalls and trademark problems.

Naming is more perilous than ever before as a result of the Internet and globalization, and Rob, as a naming consultant with extensive trademark experience, helps you develop and evaluate the best name - and keep the name.

Why should you have Rob involved as a naming consultant even if you're already engaged with a naming firm and attorney?

  • Trademark attorneys rarely understand marketing to the degree Rob does (33+ years) and Rob's own TM problem.
  • Business, company, and brand naming consultants and people that create names rarely understand trademarks, trademark infringement, likelihood of confusion (the main claim in trademark infringement law suits) as Rob does.

Rob quickly identifies business names and designs that could create trademark problems - and suggests alternatives.

With experience on both sides - creative and trademark - Rob helps civil attorneys, trademark attorneys, design firms and naming companies, brand managers and others create safest names, properly use names as trademarks, and/or (or if after the fact), helps resolve naming problems that become trademark oppositions, cancellations, and district court law suits.

Designs also create infringement problems related to trade dress (the look of the packaging, colors, design elements, and fonts) and Cummings Design is one of very few firms with a focus on safer graphic design to help avoid infringement claims.

Very few designers think about the legal aspects, very few attorneys understand the design aspects, so it's blind leading the blind and (far too often) off to a world of trouble these companies go. Great for the attorneys, not so great for their clients.      

Trademark, naming, positioning, packaging, marketing, smartest business strategy - in a smart step by step online process.

With uncommonly broad experience Rob and those he recommends inspire, create, develop, suggest, refine and help execute well-conceived, clever, smart names, business plans, marketing plans, startup and product launch strategies - and other business-related solutions - along with design, packaging and promotion.

From big picture to granular detail, we cover a lot of ground, in many disciplines, making people think hard - about many things - until it hurts, yet leading to reduced risk, smarter choices, better immediate and long term outcomes.

Save time, fuel, airfare, even the environment, by staying right where you are, and being safer and more productive.

The solutions we inspire, refine and develop, solve business problems, avoid business problems from the start (or startup), reduce many types of risk; identify and leverage undiscovered opportunity.

With or without other advisors - startups, established business, entrepreneurs, investors and attorneys involve us in branding, trademark help, naming, business and marketing plans, strategies, business development, agreements, and more - and use our advice and recommendations to make better decisions.

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We know about a lot of things. Since 1979, we've helped make the right choices - for better outcomes end to end.

Hourly, we help develop best business solutions by phone and online by encouraging, inspiring, and by sharing our years of knowledge and experience, asking and answering questions, offering options and alternatives, inspiring in-house and outsourced talent, developing concepts and strategy, providing thoughtful ideas and advice, and helping everyone make the right choices across the board - wherever they may be.

Online service, proven process, innovative billing, smart, engaging, step-by-step methods.

We'll candidly discuss
things others may overlook, suggest things others might not think of, and carefully explore all options, alternatives, and contingencies, to help uncover brilliant solutions
. Read our client stories now >>

In our 30+ years, we have repackaged products, renamed them, changed directions, revised formulas, recommended other operational and procedural changes that are far removed from design, yet add up to reducing costs, increasing chances of success, limiting liability, improving quality, and producing significantly better results - consistently and year after year.

The trademark help we provide to attorneys and individuals, brand managers and company owners goes well beyond company, product and service naming to dramatically reduce the chances of trademark opposition or cancellation - a little known yet common business liability. See trademark help opposition FAQs.

Never 'know-it-all' yet always inquisitive and in search of a better process, procedure, or concept, we help companies succeed in many ways, whether we're placed in the lead... or just helping along the way.

Those that have been through our process report enjoying a restful night's sleep for years - often their entire lives.

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Some of the things we have made work better:

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See the difference between a 'nice design' and successful business strategy.

 A few success stories...

  • Medicinenet bought by WebMD partially as a result of the new information structure we recommended.

  • N.V. Perricone MD and our online Personal Prescription concept increased sales from $2500/month to over $350,000/month in just four months - with additional benefits.

  • SpecialtyMatch Network's initial niche dating concept transformed a social networking focus that greatly broadened the appeal to a much wider audience while resolving numerous other issues.

  • World's first flat panel speaker is launched with a $70K music video

  • Lloyds of London competitor launches by cutting 2500+ old school ties' off the necks of  top executives.

  • As a trademark consultant and advisor, we help avoid trademark problems and resolve trademark issues

"... you brought up points that we would have never thought to address."

Contact us for ideas, concepts and reviews related to partnerships, agreements, proposals, work in progress, promises made, methodology, pricing, as well as other aspects of design, marketing, printing, video production, web site development, advertising, packaging, trademarks, search engine optimization, branding, animation, and other things we do.

With our online store, it's easy to get true professional help hour after hour without a retainer or contract. See rates >>

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