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We helped launch Naturebright as a startup from scratch.

Cummings Design helped NatureBright 'from scratch', developing:

  • the look and feel
  • company name
  • product nomenclature
  • corporate image and brand positioning
  • web presence
  • retail packaging
  • stationery
  • press releases
  • the company backgrounder
  • other promotional materials
  • product design
  • and by offering sound advice and consulting re: business development and vendor selection.

Here's the story:

Cummings Design's due diligence, strategy, and recommendations, resulted in a company name [naturebright] most likely to be cleared to proceed to trademark registration, a matching and easy to spell domain name with little chance for misspelling, and a fanciful, coined word mark that implies what the company does while making the name [naturebright] strongest for trademark protection.

Fanciful or coined marks [ like naturebright ] provide the highest level of trademark protection. In addition, our design of the NatureBright logo looks like light, which is what NatureBright sells.

Cummings Design created the appropriate mental image of NatureBright in the minds of retail buyers as well as consumers through intriguing copywriting and graphic design that made clear the features and benefits of bright light technology.

In this three month project, Cummings Design helped NatureBright in numerous aspects for successful startup, instilling confidence in retail buyers in regards to NatureBright company, letting buyers know about NatureBright's previous affiliations and history to fortify its position and lend credibility, and gave NatureBright all the tools it needed for success.

The NatureBright Packaging
The NatureBright web Site (as delivered and designed by Cummings Design)

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