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Some brand samples from senior designer Tom Lien:

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Brands and products in PDFs linked above include LUNCHABLES, PEPSI TWIST, OSCAR MAYER, GATORADE, GORTON'S frozen foods, CVS, HUGGIES ,GAIA, and others. All are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

This directory shows Rob's work 1979 to 2005 >>.

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In brand creation and development, we help in many critical ways:

  • naming >> companies, products, services
  • position companies, products, services
  • research and analyze industries
  • develop competitive strategy
  • analyze trademark potential
  • create and develop brands, marks, logos and icons for all media
  • file trademark applications
  • avoid trademark problems >>
  • create all the elements that reinforce the brand
  • develop end to end brand strategies
  • develop brand awareness and brand loyalty programs

An approach to branding, brand naming, and brand development that is creative, yet focused on safety and risk reduction to avoid trademark and brand problems.



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