Rob Cummings

Orange County, Southern California
web developer, designer, writer,
 Internet business consultant.

Serious web Sites for serious business... in Southern California and worldwide.

Web Site consulting and development involves excellent writing, web strategy, functional design, and search engine optimization.

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Rob Cummings knows about a lot of things - from training, self-education, and life experience.

Aside from web development, we also help create affiliate programs and banner advertising campaigns. See examples.

Our approach is *not* cookie cutter.

Far from a cookie cutter approach, Cummings Design web Sites take every aspect into consideration and are based on a careful analysis and review of competitive Sites, the target audience, the needs of the marketplace, and the needs of each department.

If you are looking for a web presence, I am an Orange County, Southern California web designer, developer, consultant and writer who can help write and design your web Site no matter where you are located.

Some of the Sites designed by Cummings Design appear on the left yet I would prefer that you learned more about what makes a great web Site great and why you might want one.

The first question may be 'why have a web Site at all?'

A web Site, properly developed, is one of the least costly and most effective means of promoting your products and services worldwide.

A web Site lets the world know about you, your products and services and can work two ways: you can send prospects to it (saving time and expense on the phone explaining your products and services), and, if properly search engine optimized, new prospects will find it - without you needing to do anything.

A web Site is not the answer to your entire business but should be an integral component of any sales, marketing, and business development program.

In fact, even if you cannot afford any other type of advertising or promotion or business development, a web Site will provide numerous advantages, new opportunities, and cost savings.

The second question is 'what should a web Site do?'

Although the Cummings Design Site is the last item on our own agenda, Cummings Design does no other form of advertising or promotion to generate new business other than maintain its web presence.

The Cummings Site gives Cummings Design a nationwide and global presence, while it reduces toll charges via email, and eliminates the need for nearly all face-to-face meetings, travel and accommodations.

Since most find from a search due to this Site being search engine optimized, prospects that land on any of the Cummings Design web pages are already interested in the services by the time they contact us. They become 'informed prospects and more aware of the specific services Cummings Design offers simply by visiting the Site. Informed prospects are better prospects, requiring less time to 'sell', and enabling Cummings Design to begin helping them right away.

For more information about web-based businesses, their features, benefits, and the opportunities they present, click here.

Features of our Sites:

  • Found in search engines without 'pay for position'
  • Writing, design and navigation are all audience-appropriate
  • Text reads clearly and is informative
  • Pages load quickly
  • Navigation is intuitive
  • Flashy graphics are secondary to content

Benefits of our Sites:

  • Mesh with and enhance sales, marketing, and branding
  • Provide new business (and better business)
  • Increase productivity and reduce costs
  • Include elements from all other promotion.
  • Create 'informed prospects' who are ready to buy
  • Reduce time from initial contact to closing

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